Second Chance

Mindartis' Journal #1

I’ve received a request from an Eladrin named Paelias. He wants me to help clear an ancestral grave site of invaders. I have not been asked to help my people in decades, they must have forgotten me. Or, more likely, they are desperate.

When I get to the meeting place there I find others waiting for our host. They appear to be a ragged group so I shall fit in well. A Githzerai Wizard and Avenger and a Dwarven Warden are in the clearing. Our skills appear to mesh well, someone has given this much thought. I wonder if they will let me lead them in combat?

Paelias is a tall, pale-skinned and has raven hair. He is wearing leather engraved with shimmering runes. As he enters the clearing, so does another. A ranger by the look of him. Another member to our decidedly un-merry band? He will fit in as well.

Paelias asks us to help his people. Then he has to ask everybody else again in Common. It was nice to hear the language of my race, even if it was an archaic dialect. The look on his face makes it very plain about what he feels about Common. He repeats the plea of his letter again in person. I’ve come this far and I’m not about to go back to that odoriferous city where I have lived in self imposed exile since the tragedy. The others are going to go along as well. I’m sure the they have their own reasons.

As we travel I start to see glimpses of the feywild. Interesting path we are on. As we travel we come to a clearing where there lay three women. It is an odd clearing that contains several pit traps. An ambush is sprung, and very poorly if I noticed it. The three women weren’t as dead as they should have been. And they are on the leash of some form of demon. Flying above the battle field she screams a challenge and our inaugural battle begins.

These new companions take the tactical advice that I give. Maybe I will be useful to others again. The avenger can fly, something I’ll need to take into account in future combats. The wizard spends an inordinate amount of time in a ditch. To be fair, he was pushed and the pits have stakes. I find myself leading this battle poorly as Rock, our ranger, is almost allowed to die. Leading people to their deaths is what caused me to stop living this life. Can I handle it again? After the close call we are able to kill each of our enemies. They die twice however, once by the blade and once again a few seconds later. Perhaps three deaths will be enough for them to stay down?

We continue on our way. We are now completely in the feywild that was once my home now. The road leads us to a small river with a bridge across it. And lots of Cyclops all around it. These creatures are much more adept at springing an ambush. They have us completely surrounded and well outnumbered. If two of them hadn’t sprung it early, due to lack of depth perception I’m sure, it would have been even more dicey. We recovered quickly which is always a good sign. The ranger is popping in and out of cover, shooting and disappearing over and over. A good tactic, but one I’m not able to help with. The avenger’s tactics are more amenable to my skills. I was even able to help the wizard kill a cyclops. Only one of the cyclops turns out to be dangerous, and after we finish his minions he is easy to surround and kill. Two battles down and we are starting to mesh.

Continuing on brings us to a cliff with a cave. Inside the cave are three odd statues…


havoclad coloneldork

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