Shakka Khan

The Wizard Lizard with the Inward Blizzard!


Shakka was brought up in a small community with a level of remoteness monk monasteries would be jealous of. Located in a deep valley surrounded by miles of treacherous mountain peaks, Shakka’s clan, The Ghal, have spent all of their free life in the valley of The Deep Maw. Throughout Shakka’s juvenile life, he always yearned to explore beyond the Maw. When he was old enough, he set out to begin the first of several treacherous and life threatening adventures: to leave The Deep Maw. He spent the better part of a year trekking over the tallest peaks and mountain passes before reaching the nearest inhabited village. From there, incorporating himself into society was a whole new challenge.

Although he always tended to keep to himself, he knew that safety only came in the form of numbers. He joined an adventuring group where he provided his arcane skills to keep adversaries at bay while the other members of the troupe did their absolute best to disembowel and dismember the oppressors. For the most part, this worked out fairly well.


While out on a routine, “A [Mayor / King / Rich Guy] lost his [son / bauble / mind], would you please go [find / steal / kill it]” mission, Mind Flayers lured his party into a trap. Once there, his companions were either enslaved or “slurped”. Were it not for his internalized iron mind, he may have met the same fate. It was all he could muster to hold back the advancing illithids and escape hastily to safety.

While he certainly feels remorse for the loss of his adventuring companions, the only great loss he suffered was that of symbiotic protection. He since sought out a new adventuring group that will allow him to continue his adventuring career.

Shakka Khan

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