Mindartis Nominatim

Silver hair, violet pupiless eyes, tall, and slender. Wears a full facial mask in public.


Mindartis was born the fourth son to a father who was minor nobility and mother who was a Corellian Priestess. Having no chance to inherit the family estate, his father bought him a commission in the military, where he learned to lead men in battle.

While he was away the family reopened a sealed vault which secretly attached to the underdark. A few weeks later the drow used the vault to ambush the estate. Mindartis’ family was caught off guard and slaughtered. His commander ordered Mindartis to take his small unit and make sure the estate was secured after the raid. As they entered through the main gate the Drow sprung an ambush killing all of his men and capturing Mindartis.

Then the rituals began and Mindartis’ blood was a component for all of them. They made many cuts into his chest, back and face, all precisely placed to keep him from dying. The rituals cursed his family’s estate. Their profane energy desecrated his mother’s temple. They raised his entire family and all of the local peasantry as undead. The hidden vault provided more corpses for undead. Lolth’s priestesses also called evil spiders to hold the estate.

Mindartis was left alive as a reminder to others that the estate now belongs to Lolth. It can be seen to be true by looking at the scars on his face. The scars burn in the light of day, so he made a mask to cover it. The Eladrin were unable to clear the estate or heal the scars so Mendartis left the feywild to find a cure of his own.

Mindartis Nominatim

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