Second Chance

Gardain's Journal 3

The numbers on the wall are trouble, Nessie convinces us to choose the hour of “Dusk” which she recalls from the poem outside the garden. We don’t have any better ideas so she stands between the torch and the black 7 on the wall.

Yeah, that didn’t work. Several undead materialize in this room and in the tapestry room next door. They are nasty buggers with auras that deflate the will, sapping our strength. Shakka Khan traps two in an enchantment which keeps them from moving around, but Rock is too close and they wail upon him mightily. Mindartis barely brings him back up before we hear a wail from the next room — Shakka’s prey escaped and is feasting on his soul. I pull as many in this room as I can to me, but it’s not enough. Rock goes back down, followed by Mindartis. Nessie runs from the room, drawing one of my opponents with her. She seems to falter a moment when she’s faced with Shakka’s foe and her pursuer both, but she manages to escape the structure, and the two fiends after her. That turned the tide of the battle, however, and I manage to get Mindartis back on his feet and he saves Rock, but alas it is too late for Shakka. I immediately run to find and help Nessie…

I find Nessie’s body, broken and soggy at the bottom of the waterfall. I carry her back to where Mindartis is, but it is too late for her as well. We begin discussing burial rites that each of our fallen foes would have preferred, Rock is searching Shakka’s body for any religious affiliation, when Shakka awakes, a red glint in his eye. We are remarking on that miracle when the same happens to Nessie a few moments later. Shakka gets a distant look in his eyes and says that they apparently have been subject to a ‘raise dead ritual’ but somewhat stronger, in fact they say they feel perfectly normal, not weakened as a raise dead normally leaves one for a few days.

I suppose it is part of the enchantment of the area, but whether it was put here by the creators or the corruptors, we don’t know. We just celebrate our comerade’s return to us and set up watches to get some rest from our ordeal.

The next day we decide that we don’t know enough yet about the place and the other potential symbology in the poem to try another number. I agree and we resolve to explore more and find out what we can about the corruption we were told of. Except for undead spirits everywhere we look, we can’t be certain there is really a corruption — I mean aren’t all graveyards full of undead spirits?

In another building, across the river, we hear a faint cry for help. We rush in and a comely elatdrin maiden is chained on the wall of a strange building — the walls are covered in runes and sigils that we can’t make heads or tails of. The eladrin is a guise, however, and it appears she’s really a beetle demon, she conjures two swarms of beetles and can turn herself into beetles and pass right through the walls.

I do my best to keep her in my challenge, but the shifting through walls makes that troublesome. I also put my auras up to slow her down, which has some of the desired effect. We manage to disperse her swarms, and the encounter devolves into a hide and seek game, with us attempting to get in a good shot each time the beetle demon appeared out of the walls.

When she is finally dispatched, we patch ourselves up and I get a few minutes to write in this journal. But the day is not over, and we have yet to understand what exactly is changed or different about this graveyard and what we’re going to be able to do about it.

Gardain's Journal 2

More weirdness, my new friend Mindartis just smiles when I say what a totally corrupted place the feywild is. For example last evening we faced the statues again and the wizard gives the old hag statue a gold piece. The statue comes to life and throws the gold piece before trying to skewer us all with sharp pointy fingernails. Eventually we beat the statue to rubble and lo, there’s another one in this ones place, so there are still three to face.

We try several more times, but each time the offering is rejected. After resting until dusk to heal up and recover, we have time reflect and we realize other objects are not rejected the same way the gold piece was — there is no throwing, they just pass through the hand.

So the wizard thinks the statue is just being greedy! Before the mute avenger can voice an opinion the wizard has given the hag a platinum piece. The statues retreat, leaving a hole in the wall through which we can see paths and plants.

Then, to reiterate my earlier disparagement of the feywild, we’re looking for this so-called garden the Sillayas guy wants us to cleanse when a fucking tent wraps itself around my head. The “abandoned” campsite has come to life to beat me to death. Burning faggots and a broken teapot are trying their level best to level me. Meanwhile a will-o-wisp is harrying the archer, the avenger climbs into the bushes to take a nap, and the warlord wants to do some recreational climbing. Oh, he’s climbing that damn obelisk that is shooting everyone with sleep rays, which is why the avenger is asleep.

After all that is settled by unrestrained force, a very high catwalk presents itself, with a stair to reach it – in the real world you know that stair would be hidden, or guarded, or both, but not in the feywild. Here apparently you can just climb up to your doom any-ole-time.

At the top are some cairns, finally some semblance of the graveyard we were led to believe needed cleansing. There are some large buildings here and there as well, but the doors in these buildings are strange, the inside of the building looks empty even when the archer walks into it — I poke my head in to figure out what’s going on and whoops, there’s now noone behind me (but the archer is doing just fine in a room that is apparently bleeding from the walls). The others stumble in in a few seconds, but the disorentation is wicked, so it’s a minute or more before we can move.

We can go back through the door, so we do, and we climb over the building to see what’s on the other side. More building of course. And a stone platform hidden in the sand that the wizard says is a teleportation circle, but they don’t know how to use it yet, so we leave it be.

Around the corner is the first door that isn’t going into some freaky room on another plane… no, it goes to a freaky room on this plane allright. One with over a dozen tapestries, including one with a picture of an exploding door lock (ok, so now the poem makes sense — this one could be titled “use the key, dumbass”).

In an adjacent room (behind a tapestry, because, why not), there’s a torch in the floor and freaky 1-12 numbers on the wall (twice, in contrasting colors). So the 1-12,1-12 are the hours of the clock, the wizard says, and if you stand between the torch and the wall you find your shadow only falls directly on the numbers…

Like I said… freaky…

Gardain's Journal 1

Meetings in the dark, secrets, feywild… all this is somewhat strange and mystifying.

But saving a cursed graveyard from desecration is something I can get behind. The strangers at this meeting are all of the same mind and agree to help this Palleus fellow with his cleaning job.

The first hurdle we face is a clearing with half-obscured pits. Three bodies of women lie there. I’m about to rush to help when a cackling harpy surprises me and the bodies begin to move — they aren’t dead after all. I try a couple of times to throw them into the pits. The harpy is much better at it, throwing my newfound friends into the pits instead. I try to tie up the witches while those with ranged talents take care of the flying harpy, but they are very disrespectful to my mark.

Dispite this trouble, we bring them all down. The harpy dies messily, the others go down quickly after that. The harpy’s nest is nearby and we find a small magical die that the ranger holds onto.

After a bit a turn in our path takes us from the mundane world to the feywild. Shortly after a small bridge is in site, and just as we approach the hills around us erupt with a cyclops ambush. Many of them fall quickly, but one in particular is difficult, again trying to disrespect the mark, so I Treacherous Ice him to keep him close, and the avenger slides up and makes it even harder for him to escape. Between us we pummel him to bits.

We recover briefly and continue our trek deeper into the feywild. We come upon a cave with a partially engraved entranceway, the words are easy to make out… their meaning not quite so.

Count you the shadows, watch the sun,
The wise know where they stand;
While knowing not the time to shun
The fools must find themselves undone.

Like lustful swain or panicked child
Who beg another’s gentle hand,
The fool delves heedless through the wild.
The wise are not so soon beguiled.

When darkness falls and dreams portend
The rising of a fearsome foe,
The fool, swift-striking, meets his end,
The wise know foe from friend.

Let art and image point the way,
Abandon all you think you know.
For common sense leads fool astray.
The key is simply this: Obey.

The wise must ever strategize;
They never play, unless to win.
They see the harm in comfort’s lies,
And seek to open weary eyes

You’ve fought your way, you’ve risked demise,
To view the ivy heart within.
Now as the soul within you dies,
This knowledge is your only prize:
You’d never have come, were you truly wise.

Mindartis' Journal #1

I’ve received a request from an Eladrin named Paelias. He wants me to help clear an ancestral grave site of invaders. I have not been asked to help my people in decades, they must have forgotten me. Or, more likely, they are desperate.

When I get to the meeting place there I find others waiting for our host. They appear to be a ragged group so I shall fit in well. A Githzerai Wizard and Avenger and a Dwarven Warden are in the clearing. Our skills appear to mesh well, someone has given this much thought. I wonder if they will let me lead them in combat?

Paelias is a tall, pale-skinned and has raven hair. He is wearing leather engraved with shimmering runes. As he enters the clearing, so does another. A ranger by the look of him. Another member to our decidedly un-merry band? He will fit in as well.

Paelias asks us to help his people. Then he has to ask everybody else again in Common. It was nice to hear the language of my race, even if it was an archaic dialect. The look on his face makes it very plain about what he feels about Common. He repeats the plea of his letter again in person. I’ve come this far and I’m not about to go back to that odoriferous city where I have lived in self imposed exile since the tragedy. The others are going to go along as well. I’m sure the they have their own reasons.

As we travel I start to see glimpses of the feywild. Interesting path we are on. As we travel we come to a clearing where there lay three women. It is an odd clearing that contains several pit traps. An ambush is sprung, and very poorly if I noticed it. The three women weren’t as dead as they should have been. And they are on the leash of some form of demon. Flying above the battle field she screams a challenge and our inaugural battle begins.

These new companions take the tactical advice that I give. Maybe I will be useful to others again. The avenger can fly, something I’ll need to take into account in future combats. The wizard spends an inordinate amount of time in a ditch. To be fair, he was pushed and the pits have stakes. I find myself leading this battle poorly as Rock, our ranger, is almost allowed to die. Leading people to their deaths is what caused me to stop living this life. Can I handle it again? After the close call we are able to kill each of our enemies. They die twice however, once by the blade and once again a few seconds later. Perhaps three deaths will be enough for them to stay down?

We continue on our way. We are now completely in the feywild that was once my home now. The road leads us to a small river with a bridge across it. And lots of Cyclops all around it. These creatures are much more adept at springing an ambush. They have us completely surrounded and well outnumbered. If two of them hadn’t sprung it early, due to lack of depth perception I’m sure, it would have been even more dicey. We recovered quickly which is always a good sign. The ranger is popping in and out of cover, shooting and disappearing over and over. A good tactic, but one I’m not able to help with. The avenger’s tactics are more amenable to my skills. I was even able to help the wizard kill a cyclops. Only one of the cyclops turns out to be dangerous, and after we finish his minions he is easy to surround and kill. Two battles down and we are starting to mesh.

Continuing on brings us to a cliff with a cave. Inside the cave are three odd statues…

Bronky Bronk And The Funky Bunch Ride Again

Our latest mission was to find the Raven Queen, apparently somebody misplace their god. So hey, we weren’t doing anything, we’ll find your stupid god. We followed a long and epic trail of clues, villainy, and various piles of loot to some Kord forsaken tomb where the Queen should’ve been. Well, I guess she was there. It’s just that she managed to get herself into the position of “Orcus’s Little Bitch”. The big beastie jabbed her with a fancy shard with a little shiny thread hanging from it. The paladin (who, by the way, has been nagging us about finding the Raven Queen this whole time) said something about the gray thread sucking her divine being blah blah blah, gonna die, blah blah, end of the world, blah blah whatever.

It just so happened there were also 28 undead things that needed getting re-deaded. And that’s a job that requires only one tool: 1 Metric Bronk (We use the Standard size for Oozes).

The stinkier ones bum rushed us and surrounded us. Well that was just fine, Spicy Fresh: The Great Executioner’s Blade was just itching for some exercise! Spicy was a little cold though as the first couple of swings went a bit wide. Ya, that’s what I want. At least the guy with the pointy finger took out the first wave for us. With a clear path to some chunkier looking demons, I seized the moment and charged ahead! Now it get’s interesti… hey now. That black freakin’ pillar with no apparent purpose had one: It’s a Bronk magnet! Oh good, this is nice. I have no interest in killing things that need killing. No, please stick me to a pole instead.

With a little prodding ‘n poking, we got the pillar to turn off. Finally, time for some real action! Spicy Fresh is gonna dismember something or three! I spotted a rather bony demon that had a complete set of digits and extremities. I’d say that’s a prime target: I charge him.

Whiff… Spicy came from a demon, in The Abyss. Seriously, this is the kind of output it’s gonna give me today? Yep, I totally want that.

Plus, it didn’t help that Orcus wouldn’t shut up: “I’ll judge you this, I’ll conquer the world that” Blah. Sounds like somebody’s got daddy issues if you ask me. But the party seemed to take some additional interest in the Queen and that little shard stuck in her. So while Spicy Fresh is apparently recalibrating, I’ll show’em how to handle this shard thing. It’s simple: what does every cleric tell you when you get shot with an arrow? “Don’t pull it out, you’ll make it worse.” No problem, I got this: instead of pulling it out and making things worse, I’ll just punch it the rest of the way through and knock it out the rest of the way out. Ya, turns out that didn’t go as planned. The Raven Queen actually used the phrase, “Please don’t help me.” So back to Plan A, getting my murder on.

And hey, Princess Orcus is right here! Orcus is about to get a taste of my World Serpent Rage!!

Whiff… No, wait. This is the World Serpent Rage we’re talking about: WHHIIFFFFFFF!

Ya, that’s awesome. That’s why I traveled to The Abyss, took on Errtu, and liberated Spicy Fresh. This is what epic axes handed down from rulers of the planes through the eons and across the planes do. They do this. They whiff. Yep. Totally awesome. The axe that sundered 3ft. thick adamantium fortress doors! The blade killed an entire council of fire giants conspiring to conquer the Sword Coast! The great weapon of the gods that divided kingdoms (well, kings anyways (at least, that’s what he said he was))! So of course missing horribly is what I need right now. Yep, when taking on the prime evil that threatens eternity for all beings, this is EXACTLY what I want!! And I’m pretty sure I heard a giggle with a dwarven accent right about then.

So the rest of the funky bunch got the shard out, they saved The Raven Queen, and they ran off Orcus. I, on the other hand, got hit a lot,spent a large quantity of time lying on the ground, and put up the kind of fight that would put the fear of Kord nervous concern into a wet paper bag. I’m staying home next time somebody loses a god.

Taklin's Final Journal Entry

We enter tha Raven Queen’s realm and find a bunch o’ unded just a runnin’ around. What tha hell are they doin’ here? I didn’t think tha Raven Queen cared for tha’ crap. Things get back ta normal when tha not-ded things start ta smackin’ us. And smackin’ us. And smackin’ us. The little beasties have me planted in tha ground and keet a suckin’ the life out o’ me. When I finally smack one back it dies with a god awful racket. It’s enough ta make me head spin. Their buddies did tha more traditional smack down but was a bit harder ta kill.

When that is finished we moved on ta tha Raven Queen’s throne room. Well, we found what we came for. Tha Raven Queen is a stuck ta tha floor with a great big crystal goin’ straight through her and inta the forr. An’ tha biggest f$$kin’ demon I ever seen is just suckin’ the god right out o’ her. Usin’ tha’ crystal ta do it too. Damn! Tha’ looks like it hurts. I sure know she ain’t lookin’ ta good. One o’ these bright bulbs I been a surroundin’ myself with lately says tha’ the demon is Orcus. Tha’ kinda explains all o’ tha unded things around here. Before we can even ask what’s goin’ on, Orcus tells us he wants ta be a god! I think he’s gettin’ ta big for his breeches. Ass hole. Oh and now he’s a tellin’ us we’re gonna be the first to be judged!

Well, it’s on!

But first we gotta play with his toys. There’s more o’ them screamin’ things and they got some bigger buddies with them. And right off I get my self stuck ta’ the floor. Again. Dammit. Ha, sure am glad Gurdis showed up, he’s killin’ tha little bastards so fast I had a stack o’ dead screamers in front o’ me. Next thing tha’ happens; Bronk takes off and gets his ass caught by some rock trap o’ Orcus’. Just like old times! Sorta brings a tear to me eye.

As we move along towards Orcus his big toys keep holdin’ us up. I have no idea why he’s just sittin’ in that throne. It don’t hold his great big ass anyway. But these Orcus ghost toys are a bitch to hurt! On top o’ tha’ they keep sappin’ all my strength. But I am able to keep their attention while everybody else beats ‘em down.

Finally we move on ta Orcus. He has this ghosty aura all around him. Little things keep grabbin’ at me feet. When I’m about ta get close the big demon summons a bunch of skeletons. Ya can’t even get close ta them before they smack ya. The Raven Queen cries out for us to come save her; Orcus must be gettin’ close ta god hood. Gotta figure a way to get that big crystal shard out o’ her.

But first we gotta play with Orcus’ new toys. Again. Dammit. Akkip (why does that name sound so familiar) gets ta her first. I keep gettin’ slowed down. It makes 30’ look like a mile. And surprise, Orcus is cheatin’! Every time we kill a bunch o’ his skeletons they just come back out o’ that dark mist all around ‘im. This is takin’ forever, but Summit has a fix. She beats Orcus so hard the black mist falls off o’ ‘im. Stops his toys from commin’ back too. That’ll let me get to the Queen to help Akkip ‘n Gurdis. They had been focusin’ on the Queen and had started gettin’ tha’ stupid crystal out o’ her. I grabbed it and pulled, but could only just budge it. Damn thing hurt too. I guess playin’ with god killin’ crystals wasn’t all that smart. The smart guys figure out what its doin’ ta her an’ three of us finally heal her enough to get it out. That is one big ugly lookin’ crystal. All this kind o’ magical crap is gay, yet highly profitable, anyway.

And surprise, Orcus is all pissed off! He needs ta take some anger management classes. He demands his shard back, but he can kiss my hairy dwarf ass. He’s gotta come an’ get it. We start chasin’ ‘im all around tha room. He must not have anythin’ else up his armbands ‘cause he ain’t able ta kill us fast enough. Just when I think we’re gonna beat him down he goes and teleports off ta his home in the abyss. Son of a bitch, I hate it when they do that. I think I’m gonna have “Orcus is a pussy” carved into my axe handle.

After Orcus flees, the Raven Queen wakes up. ‘Bout time, could o’ use the help. Appears she wants the crystal back. How do ya’ politely tell a goddess to go f&&k herself? I guess ya don’t ‘cause all that came outta my mouth was “yes mam” as I hurried to over to put it in her hand. At least she didn’t make me crawl over and then kiss her feet too. She had god goo all over ‘em.

Well, I hear Moradin callin’ me. Looks like I get ta’ be one of his own personal godlings. I guess this is tha’ end o’ the line here. I’m goin’ ta dwarf heaven to beat stuff down for the Soul Forger. I leave this journal to my ma & pa as a history o’ what I did. Hope they ain’t too pissed off about gettin’ no grand kids. I’m too ugly for that.

Taklin BadAxe

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